Sarnia’s Patel co-directs viral music video

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Former Miss Teen Sarnia Shreya Patel has co-directed a video that’s getting some serious buzz in the music world.

Following the release of her COVID-inspired film Unity, the Northern Collegiate grad was hired on to co-direct a music video by Indian artist Faynyx called Freedom Dance.

Featuring a variety of celebrities, models, actors, dancers and influencers from around the world showcasing what freedom during a pandemic looks like to them set to hypnotic, upbeat music, the video has gone viral since its Sept. 18 release, earning over a million views on YouTube and getting praise in a recent edition Rolling Stone India.

Patel said working on the project was “a dream”, though making a music video with an international cast during a global pandemic certainly had its share of challenges.

“This was my second global project during the lockdown, so I did have a bit of experience navigating this during the lockdown,” she said. “All I can say is that it took a lot of long Zoom calls with (co-director Sachi Kawachi) about conceptualization to scripting to shooting to editing to the final product.


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“We remotely co-directed models, actors, influencers, and celebrities from UK, South Africa, Canada, USA, Dubai, and India,” Patel added. “It mostly consisted of an all-woman team put together by Divya Gupta, who I met at the Forbes U30 summit in Berlin last year. Every woman on this project is an entrepreneur and we all seamlessly collaborated.”

“It’s been a cinematic journey envisioning the song with my co-director, Shreya,” Kawachi added. “The fact that we both come from different parts of world, bonded by culture and creativity, it helped us nurture this project together.”

Faynyx said the entire experience of making the song and the video was cathartic.

“I harnessed my love for producing music and singing during the quarantine and it turned out making the entire experience of the pandemic much smoother and peaceful for me,” she said. “This experience inspired me to compose Freedom Dance, a happy, positive and hopeful song about an alternative perspective of freedom, a freedom in the form of introspection during difficult times and finding what we truly love to do or who we really are without social expectations.

“From that thought I further connected from like minded friends from different parts of the globe to come together and feature in a freedom dance video where they would showcase how they spent their times during the pandemic and what made them get through in a happier, more free and hopeful manner,” Faynyx added.

With more post-promotion work to do, Patel said there will be even more material forthcoming for those who follow Faynyx on YouTube.

Patel said her only regret working on the video was the absence of a live, face-to-face celebration for the video launch, something that she hopes will happen post-Pandemic.

“That’s the only thing I truly missed was – having everyone at one place in one room celebrating the release of the video.”

Faynyx’s Freedom Dance video can be found at

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